Aromatic Σώματος

The Aromatic Body treatment combines the energy of essential oils and the undeniable slimming effect of the seaweed with special massage techniques from your beautician. It is a moment of pleasure for the body, whether you take the Slimming treatment or the treatment for Wellness and Softness.

The Aromatic Slimming treatment, thanks to its penetrating ability and the natural power of essential oils against cellulite, acts against the concentrated fat, which is removed with special slimming massage. The treatment is completed with the detoxifying Saunamasque mask, made from green tea and arils, that effectively absorbs toxins from the skin. The silhouette sculpts, skin is smoother and more shapely.


The Wellness and Softness Aromatic includes an enjoyable exfoliating process with a natural product from kiwi and sugars.  This process leaves the skin silky, while the smooth application movements, relax the body and let the mind travel. 

Then the special relaxation massage provides a real moment of rest and an immediate sense of well being and serenity.